Dubbel 440ml can.
Starting with our signature background of marzipan, this beer is the bitter and hoppy of the range.  Savinjski and Whitbread Goldings in the boil, whole cone Strisselspalt in the coolship.
This is one of a series of three Belgian beers in time for Christmas - a “Single”, “Dubbel" and a “Quadruple”.
They are inspired by the great Trappist and Abbey beers of Belgium representing a fantasy lineup of our own imaginary Abbey range (we’re not monks, obviously, but we did have a Trappist monk as our apprentice brewer in America).
They diverge slightly from the static styles but embody classic character. All three beers were made using identical water profiles and a blend of two of our favourite monastic yeast strains, so they will make an interesting and companionable drinking progression.

St Mars of the dessert - dubbel 7.0%